Bilder från ett hem för särskild tillsyn   -  Pictures from a home in compulsory treatment

When I finished the English version of "The girl and the horse" I played with the concept, the horse as a co-therapist. Now that I resume my walks in horse country, I find myself increasingly looking to the mountain where the horse as a "co-therapist" dwells. Here the therapists´ transference and counter transference to the horse become exciting and interesting. It appears with a shimmering therapeutic uniqueness, the therapist very often with a personal and powerful counter transference to his co-therapist. What does this means in the therapeutic situation? Could this glow enhance performance or could it at times interfere with it?
Classic co-therapy is most prevalent in couples- and family therapy. The big advantage to this is that two can see more than one and that the therapy situation becomes more equal. Also the therapists´ security with each other and their ways of jointly managing conflicts can serve as a model and an example for their clients.
Now I will start an expedition and go up to The Co-therapy mountains. I will report my findings as I move on. You will find them in The Therapist and the Horse. You will have to regard my material as raw material and it may change with new findings.
You will remember that in The Co-therapy mountains you will find not only horses but dogs as well as other animals. A name for our common expedition is "The Therapist and the whole of Noah´s Ark". You are all welcome up to explore. The address is sven.forsling@telia.com One who has already made camp up there is our colleague Matilda Ström who has a long experience of working with animals in assisted therapy.

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